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"Try My Best" is an expectation, and "perseverance through love" is an attitude. Enjoying the process and accepting the surprising or frightening results of the unknown is a means of choosing to fill one's life with newness and change.

My father, Chi Yong-Ming, is a Chinese language teacher who specializes in Chinese literature and calligraphy. As a result, I learned to read the 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty, and the first brush I picked up was the one my father held in his big hand.  Since childhood, I have been immersed in the atmosphere of Chinese art.
In 1999, I started to experience with oil painting, and in 2008, it was ceramics. Because of my career, I often different parts of the world and enjoys the artistic atmosphere of different countries, and after meeting many famous masters from home and abroad, I tried to fuse my work with my own styles, which has enriched my own artistic journey.

Because of my love for art, I have always tried to maintained my creative work, combining an artistic life and lifestyle of art. In my creations, I often blend the rationality of the commercial workplace with the sensibility of an artist, revealing the beauty of conflict. I have also experienced that work and life are art, which often brings unexpected surprises to life.

Due to the nature in my marketplace professional, I’ve had the privilege to see art from a difference perspective, spiritual indulgent over mere pursue of appearance, from hobby to professionalism; a journey full of freeness, from traditional art to the contemporary artistic expression; achieving an unconventional result.

Painting: about 24 years /  Ceramics: about 15 years


      M.F.A. in Fine Arts
      Chairman of Taichung Ceramic Art and Culture Association
       Artist-in-Residence,  Grand Hotel Taipei, Taiwan
      Global Eastern Renaissance - Outstanding Artist - Honorary Certificate
      The first Taiwan Pottery Day - Organizing Committee


Perseverance Through Love

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