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The eight works presented in this exhibition were created during Covid-19.


In the early days of Covid-19, people around the world were in a spiritual panic, and with many uncertainties, our minds were like a running light, remembering the past, feeling the present, and imagining the future. We feel that the universe is full of mysterious energies that are beyond our grasp, and we understand that only spiritual and mental pursuits are the best choice to stabilize our emotions, and they are not bound by any established framework. Therefore, the Linna uses color stacking and rendering to produce many color variations and uses the characteristics and techniques of oil-related materials to create a feminine atmosphere and abstract concepts to express the state of mind in the works. The work presents a multi-layered and mysterious feeling, attracting the creator and the viewer to enter into a meditative space, allowing the creator and the viewer to dialogue with the painting through their own divine meeting. The bright and rich presentation of colors brings positive energy, allowing everyone to lower the pressure of life during the epidemic and enhance the spiritual aspect of an artistic feast.

Berlin Meets Taipei, 2023


Since 2001, Linna has participated in many painting and ceramics exhibitions in Taiwan and abroad.


2024.04  "Between Poetry and Meditation" Four-Person Joint Exhibition [Germany GALERIE SIEVI]. 

2024.02  "Dwelling in the Middle: Taichung Ceramic Art Association Joint Exhibition," Harbor District Arts and Culture                            Center, Taichung

2024.01   "Sentiments Across Time and Space" Solo Exhibition, Huagang Museum, National Chengchi University

2023.12    37th Kyoto Art Festival International Exchange Comprehensive Exhibition, Annex of Kyoto Municipal Museum                        of Art

2023.11     "Present" Japan & Taiwan Art Exchange Exhibition, Kennin-ji Temple, Kyoto

2023.11     "Present" Japan & Taiwan Art Exchange Exhibition, Gozan Yuzuri Temple

2023.06    "Being Human; Galerie Sievi Meets Taipei", Germany [Germany GALERIE SIEVI]. 

2023.06    "Tea, Art" Linna Chi Solo Exhibition [New Taipei City, Taiwan] 

2023.05    Cross-Strait Forum Art Exhibition [Xiamen Art Gallery].

2023.04    Group Exhibition of members of Taichung Ceramic Art Culture Association

2023.04    Group Exhibition in Berlin, Germany [Germany KUNSTLEBEN BERIN].

2023.02    Linna Chi's Solo Exhibition in Berlin, Germany [S7 Art Museum 99 Art Center, Taipei].

2023            Chairman of Taichung Ceramic Art and Culture Association


2022     Venice Biennale Group Exhibition [Bridges Palace].

2022    "Summer Yan, Prosperous Flowers" Linna Chi's solo exhibition [Su Family Garden 88 Art Museum].

2022     "Pottery Story" Taichung Pottery Culture Association members group exhibition

2021      Taichung Municipal Ceramic Art and Culture Association Members' Group Exhibition

2021      Grand Hotel Taipei Artist-in-Residence

2022     The Second International Artists' Exhibition "Guarding the Earth" [Tainan Minzhi Municipal Center

2021      Executive Director of Taichung Ceramic Arts Cultural Association

2021      Kirin Art Space "Kirin Yao"

2021      Linna Chi Solo Exhibition of Oil Painting and Ceramics [Tainan City Zengwen Farmers].

2021      Director of Taichung Ceramic Art and Culture Association

2020     Taipei International Audio and Art Exhibition [Grand Hotel, Taipei].

2020     Qi Yan Color Art Exhibition [Yung Chien Art Museum, Taichung City].

2020     Miaoli County Pottery Association Group Exhibition [Miaoli Culture and Tourism Bureau, First Exhibition Room].

2020     Miaoli County Cultural Industry Art Association Group Exhibition [Shan Yuexuan, Miaoli Culture and Tourism Bureau].

2020    Chinese Wenyao Culture, Education, Trade and Exchange Association

2020    Chinese Wenyao, International Art Exhibition [New Taipei City Arts Center].

2020    Global Revival of Oriental Arts and Culture - Outstanding Artists - Honorary Award

2020    Solo Exhibition of Qi Yan Color [S7 Art Museum 99 Art Center, Taipei].

2020    Group Exhibition of the Ceramic Art Association of the Republic of China (Taipei, Taiwan) [Hsinchu County Cultural Tourism Bureau].

2020   Taichung Ceramic Art Association Group Exhibition #20 Footprints [Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center].

2019     Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition [Incheon Art Museum, Korea

2019     Taiwan Artists New York Group Exhibition [Flushing Cultural Center, New York].

2019     Miaoli County Cultural Industry Art Association Group Exhibition [Miaoli Ceramics Museum].

2019    Taichung Ceramic Art and Culture Association Members Group Exhibition [Taichung Harbor Art Center].

Media Exposures

Mirror Media 2022.05.

Taipei Grand Hotel 70th Anniversary Cross-Century Celebration Trilogy

CSTNA 2021.12

Contemporary Female Abstract Art

Taiwan Business News 2020.07

Linna Chi  is an AustralianIPO promoter and artist.

Commercial Times 2022.05

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Yahoo News 2020.07

CFO as an artist.

Taiwan, US&JP Daily News

Cross-disciplinary show opens the door to Linna Chi's art.

CSTNA 2021.12

Contemporary Female Abstract Art by Fine Art Professor

Times 586. 2020.07

Linna Chi Solo Show 2020

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